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  1. Totally agree with you, when I was there I walked around I didnt see anybody winning and I was there for a couple hours nobody was winning anything.

  2. Agree a million percent about Caesars! Heading to Vegas and just watched the best video too. Fingers crossed. 🙂

  3. Buffalooooo

    Ive been Platinum/Diamond at Caesars entertainment since 2002 and you couldnt be more correct. Ive stayed at all of them(except The Linq/Imperial Palace…no desire) including The Cromwell aka Bills aka Barbary Coast just so you know how long Ive been coming to Vegas. Youre pretty much spot on about the slot machine play with Planet Hollywood(stayed there when it was the original Aladdin) being the tightest in the last few years for me. Comps have also changed drastically so Ive been trying other places and downtown.

    The strip has always had the worst RTP (return to player) percentages around 88-92 where Boulder showed about a 95% but the wife liked it so there you go. Thanks Bror for educating your viewers and stating the truth. Thanks for sharing..

  4. Buffalooooo
    I couldnt agree more with your assessments. Spot On. Youre Doing a Great Job! Excalibur is the only Strip Casino that Ill play Slots at. Ive hit two jackpots, both times we stayed at the Four Queens, always on the last day/night. For me its Atmosphere and Service. Keep up the good work…its very Appreciated!

  5. Just wondering all people
    In laz Vegas are all
    Nuturius gambler.
    I, hate all slot machines.
    It destroy your life
    My friend lost everything
    Because of gambling.
    I think Americans are
    Gamblers. Vloger in
    You tube throw a lot
    Of money in this stupid
    Damn machines. Wake
    Up everyone.

  6. Good video. I dont know if you would be able to do a video on advantage play but that would be a good slot topic.

  7. I agree with Ceasars and the three neighboring properties. But I completely disagree with Treasure Island. We ALWAYS get super great service there, like a lot, and it’s the only place where I’ve won a jackpot handpay in Vegas.

  8. Yeah, Caesars has some of the tightest machines ever! And, I dont think I have ever been offered a drink at TI while Im playing slots.

  9. Check out this video for my list of my BEST 3 places to play slots in Las Vegas …

  10. Caesars. dont forget to add the parking garage FEES theyre greedy. Dont forget add Wynn to the list as well. local here in vegas and been visiting Wynn for about 10 years. it used to be good but the past 3-4 years its been tight as $#%@ service is great other than security being cocky !

  11. Ive been to Vegas about 3 times now and I have never gotten a free drink while gambling. The only time I thought I might they just carded me then walked away. Pretty disappointing.

  12. slots keep the lights on/pay the bills in Vegas, you can win all you want at the tables it doesnt affect their bottom line, but those slots are generally gonna be tight.

  13. Cosmo machines are beyond tight also. Forget it. I just go to the sportsbook. I throw a hundred bucks in the 5 dollar machine and thats it. I win or lose. Not a slot guy.

  14. I will say that planet hollywood does have good not great hospitality service but pretty good, lot of friendly employees other than security but all together its a good property, as far as the other properties you mentioned yes they are tyte but i dont spend money there anyway but iv heard bad stories about them.

  15. Sorry, but the panning of the video around the casinos gives me motion sickness. Please slow it down, thanks.

  16. Another thing with Treasure Island, to my knowledge, has their own slot card vs say playing at MGM casinos (Mlife loyalty card)

  17. I literally just lost about 7 or 800 before leaving Caesars today…and my wife kept complaining she couldnt get a water …you seem to be spot on

  18. expense-side managing at these casinos….they dont realize what they get with increase in volume…if word gets out that the machines are paying, the traffic volume goes up substantially…to get people in the door, the machines have to pay better…but, the strip casinos are ruled by the bean counters….Caesars and MGM are the worst…expect major turnover in ownership, which has been brewing for years, or another round of bankruptcy filings

  19. last month travel airfair/hotel prices for LV was Insane! but @end of the day-*the house always wins*

  20. I was at Caesars in early December and did quite well on their slots. I won $3000 on the Megabucks slot plus several other smaller wins on the same machine. Also had luck on a few other machines in the same area of the casino. When I went to the smaller denomination slots on the other side of the casino, I won nothing. Bellagio is the one I never win at.

  21. We stay on the strip, but have the best luck playing slots in Freemont. The drinks never stop.

  22. I find that Anything with Boyds name on it is a death call to your wallet on slot machines!!!!!

  23. Ive always thought if the greedy cssinos would let oeople win a littie bit they might play more but they dont hold to that idea. I go to off strip properties like boulder station or even the local hole in the walls called dottys.

  24. Circa is the worst because it’s new. Your pockets will get bled dry. The “D” used to be loose but it’s owned by circa’s owner so it and the California casino have to help pay for building Circa. Cosmopolitan casino is also bad for loose slots but all three will get you something to sip as long as you’re playing.

  25. BUFFALOOOOO Hi I have recently tagged on to your channel, great stuff here! Thanks for keeping it real . Ballys is good for slots stayed there March 2019, as was playing at Aria and the Bellagio. No big wins but came home with the same playing $AM. Thats a win right? lol. Big Mike; Canada

  26. Buffalooooo

    The worst slots I found were at New York, New York. Several friends had the same experience. It’s been years since I’ve been on the strip.

  27. Stations Casinos are bad . They are all tied into one main computer system . The last year I do not see any or many large payouts anymore . All casinos owned by Ds . All casinos have to have a percentage to pay out . This means they have control over them . That is not gambling .

  28. Agree with you… Same experience here… Thats why I usually stay on Fremont St.

  29. One of the main things i would imagine about these places as far as service to customers is the variable problems with hiring good employees. Unfortunately all employees dont feel theyre getting paid right, the problems iv heard in the resent past is these ceasers hotel dont keep employees working steady enough they alter an swap employees around off an on the schedule an part of that problem is having to many employees to gain a tax right off at the end of the year, they hire to keep emploees on for up to 6 months then let them go so that they cant collect unemployment benifits, an there are all sorts of other ways hotel employers maniipulate employee benifits, so as far as service to other customers is my hypothetical theory that the hotels cut corners on employee pay an the employees feel why should we service ppl who have shit loads of money to burn an the employees barely are making it.

  30. Wow, I was surprised that you said Flamingo because the only time I ever played there I hit a $4,000 Royal {.25 x 4 bonus}, Im not saying youre wrong, Im just surprised…..great video!

  31. Its cheaper to write a check and send it in to the casino for what ever your bankroll would be. Or take half your bank roll and buy lottery tickets at least you have a chance to win.

  32. Need to say this for my wonderful grandmother, she only played 21 and they knew she was good. Near blind but always came home with money. Love ya grandma.

  33. I couldn’t agree more with the Linq. Stayed there a few times. I love the hotel but the slots and video poker was terrible.

  34. Buffalooooo! El Dorado bought Caesars recently. Will that change the business practices at Caesars?

  35. Just stayed at Ballys – the slot machines pay only once and there are plenty of drink hostesses.

  36. What a surprise, 4 of the 5 worst are Caesars properties! Insert Sarcasm here. Who wouldve thought a casino that just emerged from a hilarious bankruptcy that anyone with an ounce of gaming knowledge could see coming from a mile away would be terrible. Then after they come out of bankruptcy, they merge with a company notorious for cost cutting at all costs. Caesars, Planet Hollywood, Paris, Flamingo, Linq, Harrahs, Cromwell….terrible casinos run by even worse people.

  37. Totally agree. Love PH because of the location but very tight machines.

  38. Thank bro I am going to be out there on April 5 for 4 nights oh yea buffloooo

  39. Good video- about time someone breaks down the crappy slots and what to look out for! If you need a 4th crappy slots casino in LV .. LUXOR would take the cake✅

  40. I agree with you about Caesars Palace having the tightest slots now a days! Back in the 80s things were different! Their dollar slots were very good to me, I won LOTS of money there and was always comped a beautiful room AND food. I havent been since 2010 and noticed I couldnt even a cherry to save my life. Stopped going to Vegas all together when I moved to Palm Springs, CA. I LOVE the slots at Agua Caliente Hotel and casino in Rancho Mirage, NOT the Agua Caliente casinos in Palm Springs or Cathedral City.

  41. WON BIG on the BUFFALOOOOO at Mandalay Bay on our last trip in JUNE 2019.. and its funny after watching your videos about placement, which machines to choose etc… that machine actually falls into the criteria you have suggested..its the little things that you learn! AND YES i know its not FOOLPROOF… but looking back, if I had known then what i have listened to now, I would have picked that machine to try your method!

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