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  1. Holy fuck J E W. 2 Things. I just realized that Jimmy Eat World abbreviation is JEW and what I was actually gonna say is I popped on to listen to your shit I grew up on in the 90s and was SO pleased to see you making music recently and furthermore FUCK is it INCREDIBLE!!!!! Thanks, man.

  2. This album caught me right off the go. Im late to the party but had heard Love Never last year and really enjoyed it. Glad to see you boys are still kicking. This album is way better than the last couple Id say

  3. You guys never disappoint! Time to go make some new memories with these amazing tracks 🧡

  4. just tonight I sing it even better than you hahahaha just kidding 😂

  5. This whole album is excellent….. its definitely needed today!! Dont loose that. Very underrated and when this band is at their best imo.

  6. Is it just me or it sounds like dumb dumb dumb from Teenage Fanclub?

  7. I just saw a Jimmy Johns commercial as an advertisement for a Jimmy eat world video…
    Jimmy…eat…nice pun youtube

  8. Takes off at @1.46 Going to stand this ground, Going say it loud, Never define yourself by choices others make. Hell yeaaaa

    • JEW plays a lot with theme and variation, pretty much every song of theirs takes off somewhere around the 2:00 minute mark. No matter how they compose the structure, they always find a way to change gears at that point (1/2 way or so?), thats one of the things Ive always loved about them.

    • Julian Wong, oh, and meant a layer each verse, but you probably knew what I meant! 😀

    • Julian Wong, didn’t actually realize the time stamp thingy took you to that section of the song. I just typed it exactly this way… 1:30

  9. Im gonna se them on march 12 here on philippines im excited! And also greenday after them, on 14

  10. … increíble … 💯 No, this song is 1000000000 for me, thanks for exist and sorry for my english, is bad, but together with the translator, I understand more or less, I speak it better than I know thanks to the songs that I like 😅😂

  11. im 34 years old right now. been listening to jimmy eat world since before the middle was a big thing. ive always felt something special when listening to them. i recently have finally came to terms with being molested by a doctor when i was 5 years old. for some reason, this song helps me feel solace.

  12. ah, yes…..big guitar riffs, big drums, and a good beat…..what year is it? Such a nice break from all the trap beat hick hop stuff you hear all the time these days

  13. Im not criticizing this song, but 555 is the direction Jimmy needs to go. Its legendary. Please check it out ASAP

    • @Jason Alt The real problem with that song, is what happens with the rest of the band if thats the direction they go? Just be featured on a couple songs an album? Stand around for multiple songs a show?

    • Heres another honest opinion. Im in my 50s and I think 555 is boring and nothing like the Jimmy Eat World that I adore. Age means nothing.

    • @Jason Alt Its just something comes with experiences. No reason to get worked up and resort to using empty words to try and make a point. The song conveys emotions that younger people would have a hard time understanding. Its not a low blow to people who arent a certain age, its just truth.

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